Monday, December 26, 2016

Stevie's fabulous make ahead Christmas dessert.

A friend of mine made this for Christmas and apparently it was a real hit!  Its also kid friendly.  Unfortunately she lives too far away from me to drop in for coffee, but she was kind enough to post the recipe.

 Its so easy, mostly its an assembly job. The ingredients are Australian brands, but I'm sure other countries have similar.  You could add some honeycomb into the honeycomb mouse.  Assemble the day before for best effect.

And, Stevie tells me she adds some Bailys to the adults bowls for added effect!  Personally, I think you also need a glass on the side.

Make a Betty Crocker packet mix brownie (use salted caramel).  
Allow to cool.
Make Chocolate ganache  (recipe here)
Make honeycomb mousse (Coles - its in the dessert isle in a black packet - just whisk I cup milk with packet and chill for an hour).

Layer in a trifle bowl:
brownie pieces, 
bought chocolate double (thick) custard, 
Baileys custard with malteasers in it.
honeycomb mousse
Keep layering, then on the top  dollop with some chocolate ganache and top with fresh cherries on serving. 

Enjoy! and thanks Stevie. 

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