Friday, October 17, 2014

Freezer choc chip cookies

Occasionally I want to bake just a few biscuits for my husband and myself, rather than buy a packet.  I have yet to find a recipie for just a few biscuits, so I went looking for something I could have in the freezer and pull out at a moments notice.

 I found this on the money saving mom blog, many thanks to the site for the original recipie.  I have only changed it slightly.  I have not been a fan of freezer cookie dough in the past, but this one really is good.  I like it because it's not just flour, sugar butter and chocolate!  There are some 'healthy' bits in their too.  The peanut butter really adds to the flavour, even though there is not a lot in the recipie.

A note about the sugar - you can use white sugar, or castor sugar, but reduce the amount by about a tablespoon.

The recipie makes 40 smallish cookies, if you are a fan of really big ones, just use an ice-cream scoop to portion control your cookies instead of a tablespoon.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Traditional Viva La France Madeleines!

I have tried quite a few madeleine recipies, but the one I got with my Madeleine tray  (you MUST have a madeleine tray for these) at Williams Sonoma is the best.  Be careful to do two things:
1. grease the tray well,
2. do not overfill as they do puff up, only 3/4 fill each one.

This recipie makes 12 - ie. one tin!  Vanilla is the traditional flavouring, but I do like orange flower water.  You could also use rosewater.