Friday, July 10, 2015

Allan's Yamba Seafood Chowder

A good friend of my husband, Allan, obtained this recipe from a restaurant in Yamba, NSW.  He was able to obtain the ingredients list, but not the actual quantities, so after quite a bit of experimentation he has perfected the recipe.  It is a lovely, smooth, creamy and turmeric broth stacked with lots of seafood - a delight to eat.  Allan added half a crayfish tail to our dinner recently, and it was delicious and very filling.
I am sure you could vary the seafood to your taste, so go ahead and experiment!  You could also vary the taste according to the curry powder you use, and the addition of ginger and chilli if you like it hot.
This recipe serves 4 as a main course, so it would probably serve 6 for an entrĂ©e at a swish dinner party.  When it says simmer it means SIMMER not boil!!  Boil seafood and it will be tough and horrible.  In fact, you do not boil anything in this recipe, even the mussels should be steamed rather than boiled to death!
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